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no events currently scheduled
Adam Scott and Steve Williams end partnership
Gold Coast, Australia, 17 September 2014:

Adam Scott and Steve Williams today confirmed that the Tour Championship concluded last Sunday was their final event as a working team.

With Steve as his caddie, Adam created Australian sporting history in April 2013 by becoming the first Australian to win the Masters. On May 19th 2014 Adam ascended to the world number one ranking, a position he held from for a period of 11 weeks.

"Steve has been an integral part of my team in a period where I have fulfilled some of my lifetime golfing goals. His dedication and professionalism have been without question, and his friendship is highly valued", said Adam. "Our priorities and stages of life are different now, and so we decided that this is the best time to end our partnership".

"My initial plan for the future was to reduce the amount of tournaments I caddied in. After discussing this in detail with Adam it became evident that my plan was not going to fit with Adam's requirements and so we decided to end our partnership", Steve said. "Having caddied for the first Australian to win the Masters is a career highlight and a memory I will cherish forever. If the right opportunity arose I would consider caddying on a part time basis in the future".

Justin Cohen
The Adam Scott Company
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